Types Of Building Exterior Materials For Residential Beauty

Exterior beauty is influenced by many aspects. Among the design, colour, shape of buildings, and materials. The choice of material for the exterior has a big effect because it can display a variety of different shapes. The right material selection will make occupancy following the desired concept. Before you do painting classes near me, first know the suitable material.

Here are some types of materials that are relatively popular for the exterior of each character

1. Wood
Wood has a natural texture and colour that expresses warmth, especially dark wood. In addition to being relatively expensive, wood needs periodic, anti-moss and anti-crawl coatings. Wood suitable for exteriors, for example, ironwood and sea resin.

2. Cement Boards and Conwood
Cement boards and concrete wood are artificial materials that look like wood. Its durability is not inferior to that of wood, even anti-wing and fungus. The price is relatively cheaper than wood.

3. Concrete Exposure
Gray exposed concrete in a variety of tones, easily combined with other colours. The impression is firm, sturdy, and modern. This material is relatively resistant to weather changes. For ease and speed up installation, precast concrete walls can be an option.

4. Ceramics
Ceramic, gives a modern impression and has a high resistance to friction, heat and weather changes. Many choices of colours and textures and maintenance are relatively easy even there are special cleaning agents.

5. Paint
Paint (walls, wood, and metal) is easy to apply and many colour choices can be adjusted to the desired appearance. Each colour creates a different impression. For example, impressive white clean and lightweight, suitably combined with any colour. Red or orange seem bold and suitable for accent. Application of the facade must be used exterior paint that is leak-proof, weather-resistant, anti-staining, antifungal, anti-stiff, anti-rust, so as not to quickly fade and peel. With certain techniques can produce paint surfaces that display certain textures.

Various exterior materials can be combined and harmonized. Before applying it, first, determine the desired building design so that the exterior character is following our wishes.