Increase Productivity With The Right Equipment

The presence of the new John Deere tractor series to support increased farm productivity with a complete mechanization solution. John Deere launched its newest product, the John Deere tractor, the 6B OOS (Open Operator Station) series. The launch of the newest John Deere 6B OOS tractor, adds to the reference of plantation business actors who are looking for tractors for their needs. The presence of the tractor, which is identical to the green color, adds to the collection of agricultural equipment from America. You could also get john deere technical manuals free easily to help you operate the machine with ease and no hassle.

The John Deere 6B OOS series tractor can meet a wide range of applications across a wide variety of farms and plantations. Almost all John Deere products have their advantages, but one of the mainstays of this series is the 6095B OOS model, the 95HP tractor, which is tough and fuel-efficient. Not only that, but the 6B OOS series tractor is also very suitable for applications in challenging terrains, such as oil palm plantations. The 6095B OOS tractor allows operations for tillage, fertilizer spraying, hauling, and a variety of other applications. Agile and powerful are the hallmarks of John Deere’s newest tractor series because it has a capacity of 95 Horsepower (HP). This product is very agile and powerful to run in hilly and challenging terrain with a 22 percent torque reserve for extra power in tough conditions.

The new John Deere tractor series has an engine with a 4.5-liter capacity, with a dry clutch and 12F / 4R transmission, and a lift capacity of 2,500 kg. In addition to the 6095B OOS series, the John Deere 6B OOS tractor is also available in a variety of larger engine power options, namely 110, 120, and 135 Horsepower. As is known, John Deere, who was founded in 1825 in the United States, comes with his famous tractor technology. The presence of John Deere is ready to support increased farm productivity with a complete mechanization solution. Starting from the fertilization process, taking the fruit from the block, to transportation to the factory using the bin system.