Hashtags And Dots Can Attract People To See Your Instagram Posts

When you want to post a photo or video on Instagram, after writing the appropriate caption, make a hashtag that matches your post, you don’t need too much, because Instagram now limits the use of hashtags in a post. With a suitable and simple hashtag that will give you an elegant effect on your status and also when someone searches for that hashtag and likes your photo, they will like it and may also comment on the post. Apart from that, you can also visit captioncraze.com if you need more captions for your Instagram posts.

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Then, if you want to make your followers curious, make words at the beginning that invite people to be curious, then give them dots and enter it down a little bit a bit. This will invite people to click “see more” so they can read your interesting caption. That way, your interactions will be well built. Of course, your caption must be good and useful so that people don’t regret being curious about your caption