More Than Just Making The Room Brighter

For those of you who have an open space concept such as a studio apartment, the use of carpets can be a function differentiator. For example, the dining room is characterized by one light-colored carpet, while the living room is characterized by a darker colored carpet. So, without the need to install room dividers that reduce space, you can make a significant difference between rooms thanks to the installation of floor carpets by all pro carpet cleaning.

For everyday use, a soft fleece rug or a cotton knit rug can fulfill a family’s needs. However, when a large family gets together, you should roll out a large knit rug made of pandanus or rattan. In dry bathrooms, carpets are usually placed in the sink and toilet area as an absorbent for water splashes so that the bathroom is not slippery. Currently, many carpets match the shape of the toilet legs with various materials, including webbing. Meanwhile, for a wet bathroom area, usually a rubber carpet or anti-slip rubber mat is needed so that you are safer to walk.

Carpets designed for the outdoors usually have a color that doesn’t fade easily even when exposed to direct sunlight. Generally, outdoor carpets are also stronger against mold attack and moisture, and even waterproof. Because they are designed to deal with conditions that are easier to get dirty, outdoor rugs are usually stiffer and less thick than indoor rugs. Currently, one of the materials that are often used to make outdoor rugs is recycled plastic bottles. Square rugs are suitable to be placed in a square-shaped room as well as in an outdoor area. Meanwhile, rectangular rugs are suitable to be placed in large rooms such as the living room and family room.

You often find rugs in the shape of a semicircle in front of the entrance and add a pretty accent to welcome guests. In the square dining area, this type of carpet will make your room more elegant. However, if the shape of the room is round, you should not use this form of carpet.
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