Simple Techniques For Landscape Photos

Landscape or landscape photo techniques are the hobbies of many photographers. Equipped with a digital SLR camera, we can record the beauty of God’s creation in an instant. We can also enjoy this view forever, and can also be shown to everyone. With photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and 500px, all residents of the world can see that view. Let’s consider the following tips from, and hone the sharpness of this landscape photography technique:

Use Slow Speed
By using a slow speed, we can achieve a greater depth of field, so that our photos will be sharper. Apart from that, we can also achieve many effects that can add to the aesthetics of the image. The example below uses a long exposure so that the water from the river becomes like a mirror. The water is actually quite calm, adding to the minimalist feel of this image. The clouds in the background look a little blurry due to their movement, and this also makes this photo more unique.

Use water as a reflection
If you take a picture at a location that contains water elements, such as a river or sea, then look for an angle where you can use it as a mirror. Reflections from the water can add to the beauty of your scene. This technique also helps you get a photo that is symmetrical, and nice to look at.

Schedule photos at sunset
Sunset has deep and romantic connotations. If you add it to your landscape photo, it will definitely impress others. Also, just before and after sunset, the sun will decorate your scene with its warm yellow light so you are sure to create a photo filled with interesting colors and nuances. Sunlight is also softer during this “Golden Hour”, and it will make it easier to get the right exposure throughout the scene.

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